I offer professional services in these fields of expertise:

Music supervisor
I can select and propose recorded music for your film, advertisement, television show, trailer, promo, video game, or any other form of visual media, and then contact the rights holders to seek permission to license their music and work out the financial details of the music’s use. Please contact me for more information.

Physical music formats advisor
I give advise on which physical formats are suitable for your music production and market, including selection of suppliers such as record pressing plants and sleeve printers. I can also oversee the whole production process of the physical formats containing your music. Feel free to contact me for a price quote or more information.

Merchandise sale at concerts, festivals, tours etc.
I will sell your merchandise at your event and take care of inventory and payments. I can supply a card reader if you don’t have one. You will receive a sales report for each day. Card payments will be transferred to your bank or PayPal account. Cash payments will be delivered to you directly. My fee is 10-20 % of the sales total, depending on how much I sell and the amount of work involved.

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