Bands & Projects

10 Seconds Of Forever
Space rock band with Martin Powell, Per Gisle Galåen, Viviana Vega and Roar Borge.

Synth/drone/noise quartet with Kjetil Hanssen, Kai Kobi Mikalsen and Fredrik Ness Sevendal.

Biologisk Helt Feil
A constantly changing musical freak-out collective doing improvised music, where I have occasionally joined in.

Cosmic Jinx
Duo with Bjørn Kjetil Johansen where we did improvised composition using stolen and contaminated songs. This band is not active anymore and only released one track.

Dip Apple
Psychedelic/progressive/experimental/space rock band featuring Makoto Kawabata and Hiroshi Higashi (Acid Mothers Temple), Shinsuke Michishita (LSD March), TOMO (Transcendental Organic Magical Objective), Per Gisle Galåen (Crazy River, DEL, The Birds, Slowburn), Kai Mikalsen (Kobi, Sketch, Origami Arktika) and yours truly.

Project with Roar Borge and Øyvind Hellner, where we all play the Korg Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer through various effects.

Domestic Dwellings
Guitar drone/noise duo with Fredrik Ness Sevendal.

Gabriel Mørk
My alter ego doing dark tape based noises/drones.

Heaven’s Gate Away Team
A musical mission into cosmos with my friend Martin Powell. We do not launch our space rocket very often.

Kobi started out as Kai Mikalsen’s solo project, where he would sometimes ask friends to contribute to recordings or concerts. It has since evolved into a band, usually playing as a fixed quintet lineup since 2008. Kobi’s music is based on sound experimentation, collective improvisation and musical intuition, producing drones and soundscapes.

Love Hz
My solo project where I use old radio equipment to make noisy drones.

Norwegian Noise Orchestra
This band has no permanent members and invites anybody who wants to make some noise.

Omp Surcle
Japanese/Norwegian freak out group.

Origami Elgsteika
Dinner music duo with Tore Honoré Bøe.

Origami Intergalaktika
Astral traveling duo with Benny Braaten.

Origami Kaførrnokka
Noise project with Kjetil Hanssen and Ronny Wærnes.

Occult noise duo with Lasse Marhaug.

Space groove trio with André Borgen and Bjørn Hatterud.

Duo with Martin Powell where we channel musick from The Horned Dark Fluffy One.

Spleppes Splopp
Weird duo with André Borgen, formerly known as Borgen/Eilertsen.

Static Electrician
My alias as a remixer and occasional DJ.

Duo with Kjetil Hanssen doing tape based music.

Transparent Radiation
Psychedelic duo with Martin Furan.

We Snakes
Guitar trio with Mark Francombe and Fredrik Ness Sevendal where we play improvised music with elements of noise and drone.