Various Artists – Vårslipp 2012

CD-R | Not on label | No | 2012-05-11

1. Children And Corpse Playing In The Streets – You Shine, You Should Hide
2. Origami Arktika – Den Sorgfulle Sjømann
3. Kobi – Universe Without A Formula
4. Alexander Rishaug – Garden Memories
5. Insomnia – Why Nut?
6. Torgeir Vassvik – Spiral / Botnji
7. André Borgen – Too Much Tex Mexo Basso

Photo: Per Gisle Galåen
Layout: Bjørn Kjetil Johansen

This record was given away to participants at the festival Vårslipp 2012 at Brugata, Oslo, Norway on May 11 and 12, 2012.

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