Vacuum Breed – Uneven

Vacuum Breed - Uneven

Cassette | Private press | 1993
Limited edition of 50 copies.

Side A = Side B:
1. Uneven
2. Jeg Ser*
3. Mind On The Way To The Show
4. Da Han Vendte Tilbake
5. Society
6. China Girl
7. Even

Vacuum Breed: Ola Fløttum & Petter Flaten Eilertsen.
Music by Vacuum Breed.
Lyrics by Ola Fløttum, except * by Sigbjørn Obstfelder.
Produced by Ola Fløttum.
Recorded at StudiOla, November – December 1993.
Cover by Ola Fløttum.

This cassette, 10 t-shirts and 2 long-sleeved shirts are the only documents of my short-lived duo with Ola Fløttum, who has later composed film music and played in The White Birch, Portrait Of David, Salvatore and Briskeby. The tape got some good reviews and was played on national radio by our favorite DJ Harald Are Lund.

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