Kobi – Live In Japan

Kobi - Live In Japan

CD | End of huM | EndofhuM-10 | 2010-01
Originally released as part of the limited edition LiveBox.

1) 20.03.07: Flying Teapot – Ekoda, Tokyo
Kai Mikalsen: Objects & effects
Petter Flaten Eilertsen: Objects & effects

2) 25.03.07: MegaHertz – Kitakyushu
Kai Mikalsen: Objects & effects
Petter Flaten Eilertsen: Objects & effects

3) 31.03.07: Loop Line – Sendagaya, Tokyo
Kai Mikalsen: Objects & effects
Kelly Churko: Guitar & effects


“Kai Kobi Mikalsen kicks off 2010 with not one…but two new releases. Kobi is one of our favorite electronic/experimental artists so we were pumped to receive both of these discs in the mail. Live In Japan features live recordings from Kobi’s 2007 tour of Japan. This album may surprise fans of the man because the compositions on this album are much more harsh and metallic than what he have heard in the past from Kobi. Although a bit more on the wild side, these tracks still have that peculiar surreal quality that is simultaneously puzzling and inviting. Earplugged is Kobi’s new studio album which he recorded entirely by himself over the course of the past three years. The album features one lengthy track conveniently divided into thirteen track selections which makes for an easier listening experience. Both of these albums are challenging releases that will only appeal to that tiny segment of the listening population that enjoys strange and inventive experimental music. Here in the plush babysue offices, Kobi always effortlessly hits home runs. Accordingly, these are both TOP PICKS.” ***** – babysue

“(…) On the second CD, Kai Mikalsen is joined by Petter Flaten Eilertsen and Kelly Churko in a live piece of abstract improv which is much more interesting as its not a dead metaphysical monster, who never existed and who never will, but good ole humanity interacting, so from the above, replace Santa with Daddy, and kissing with what ever possibility turns you on. Its amusing, worrying, funny, serious .. Human work, one in which its possible to hear the breath of God, as “performance”.” – jliat, Vital Weekly

“(…) Here you’ll find three live recordings from Kobi’s Japan tour in March, 2007, that he went on with Love Hz and Crazy River. Here we get Kai joined by others as we’re used to and on the first two tracks he plays with Petter Flaten Eilertsen (now a member of the regular live constellation of Kobi, and also the guy behind Love Hz) on two very different tracks. The first could hardly be classified as anything else but noise, while the second is more, well… Kobi. Its noisy ambient music and I have a hard time trying to explain what I mean about it being Kobi-sounding, but that’s what it is! The same could be said about the third and last track where Kai is joined by Kelly Churko. It’s a bit more noisy again and maybe a little more space sounding than usual, but Kobi nevertheless. It’s way more variated as a whole than Earplugged, and more a documenting release than an album, but I bet the pieces chosen for this disc are carefully chosen, ’cause it sounds good, and never does it get too much.” – Kjetil Hanssen, Ambolthue Reviews

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