Kobi – At All Ears

Kobi - At All Ears

DVD-R / DVD-R + CD-R | End of huM | EndofhuM-09 | 2009-06-05
Initial copies only contained the DVD-R. Later (promo) copies also includes a CD-R of the same performance. Both discs were originally released as parts of the limited edition LiveBox.

Recorded at All Ears Festivalen, Fabrikken, Oslo, 18.01.08

Kai Mikalsen – synthesizer, violin, objects and effects
Petter Flaten Eilertsen – guitar, objects and effects
Martin Powell – theremin, guitar, synthesizer and effects
Fredrik Ness Sevendal – guitar and effects

Cameras: Carsten Aniksdal and Sølve Sæther
Edited and produced by Kai Mikalsen

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