DEL / Kobi – Split The Cosmos

DEL / Kobi - Split The Cosmos

Cassette | Kassettkultur | KULT 008 | 2011-04-05
Limited edition of 50 numbered copies.

Side A:
DEL – Cosmic Bodø Trip
Recorded live at Nødutgangfestivalen, Sinus, Bodø, Norway on 22 October 2010

Fredrik Cyborg Sevendal – guitar
Per Gisle Cosmo Galåen – guitar
Killer Jenssen – drums
Essal Marhaug – guitar & electronics

Dedicated to crazy trippers everywhere

Side B:
Kobi – Primordial Matter
Recorded live at the “Urstoff” release party, Sound Of Mu, Oslo, Norway on 2 November 2010

Fredrik Ness Sevendal – guitar
Kai Mikalsen – synths
Petter Flaten Eilertsen – guitar & synths
Mats Monstad – drums

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