Pentagramophone LP/CD/DL pre-order/crowdfunding

My first proper solo album, PENTAGRAMOPHONE, is finally ready for pre-order/crowdfunding! You may order the LP or the CD, or both. Whatever you prefer, you will also get a full download of the album. You may also buy the download only, or support the release by contributing the amount of your choice without getting anything in return but a big thank you from me. I will also make 10 signed test pressings of the LP, of which 5 are for sale, also including standard LP, CD and download. All copies are numbered. PLEASE NOTE: I will only make as many copies as are ordered by 29 November 2019, so this is your only chance to get this album! No promos or giweaways! You can have your order sent in the mail or save on shipping and pick it up in Oslo. More information and pre-order here:


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