Gabriel Saloman (CA) + Common Eider, King Eider (US) + Crazy River (NO)

Men er’e eksperimentelt ‘a? presenterer:
Gabriel Saloman (CA) + Common Eider, King Eider (US) + Crazy River (NO)
Deichmanske bibliotek, Hovedbiblioteket, Arne Garborgs plass 4, Oslo
Fredag 3. juni 2016 kl. 20.00
Billetter: Kr 100,- i døra

GABRIEL SALOMAN is a Vancouver based musician and artist. Saloman has been performing experimental, conceptual and freely improvised music for over 15 years. He is known for his work as half of Yellow Swans, a Portland based noise group that has released over 50 recordings and toured internationally over the course of their 9 year existence. He currently performs solo under his own name and has recently released records with Miasmah (GR), Shelter Press (FR), Infinite Greyscale (GR) and Beacon Sound (US). He is also a member of the group Chambers with Michael Red and has forthecoming releases on Debacle Records (US). Most recently he has been composing music for contemporary dance, including collaborations with choreographers such as The Contingency Plan, Daisy Karen Thompson, Lisa Gelly Martin, Rob Kitsos, 605 Collective and Vanessa Goodman. His compositions stem from investigations into temporal abstractions, conceptual sound and gestural noise. There is a parallel concern with sound art as both liberating practice and praxis. In particular he is interested in sounds relation to the body and its capacity to move collective bodies in space through affect. Sonically his work is haunting and deeply emotive, sitting between genres and drawing on cinematic and viscerally live qualities.

COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER is an evolving art and music collaboration between Rob Fisk (Badgerlore, ex-Deerhoof, and Six Organs of Admittance/Hexadic collaborator), Vicky Fong, Andee Connors (A Minor Forest), Andrew Weathers and Blaine Todd. A potent mix of blackened ambience, drone and silence incorporating viola, vast chorale arrangements, and field recordings. Labels representing CEKE since their inception in 2007 include Pesanta Urfolk, Black Horizons, Root Strata, Sol y Nieve, and their own imprint Caribou People. Their latest offering Unhuulda, features swelling vocal abstractions augmented with lush blankets of layered viola stretched out of time- hushed, yet unnerving to experience. Terrifying, beautiful, spare, the sound of light nullified- and at the same time a celebration of the power and beauty of the sun.

CRAZY RIVER er soloprosjektet til Per Gisle Galåen. Kanskje mer eller mindre kjent som musikant i band som DEL, Origami Arktika, Slowburn, Ranheim etc. Altså en sjangerløs type som er innom både improv, rock, psykedelia, folk og skakk popmusikk. Live ligger Galåens soloprosjekt Crazy River nærmere droneland. Selv om instrumenteringen kan variere fra konsert til konsert, så befinner det seg gjerne en gitar og noen tangenter i nærheten. Han kan også synge. Galåen har vært musikalsk aktiv rimelig lenge, og har gjort plater og konserter med artister som Greg Malcolm, Jojo Hiroshige, Maja Ratkje, Aaaron Moore, Anla Courtis, Jon Wesseltoft m.fl.

Konserten er kuratert av Petter Flaten Eilertsen og arrangeres i samarbeid med Deichmanske bibliotek ved Brage Tuflåt, Per Jørgensen Tobro, Christin Lundevall og Victor Josefsen.