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Important update!


On Saturday, March 1, I was admitted to hospital in Oslo with a very serious infection, sepsis, high fever and in generally poor condition. Luckily I received quick and good medical assistance and I’m now getting better. I was discharged a few days ago, but I’m still on antibiotics and painkillers as well as other medication. And I still need help to have my bandages changed regularly.

I will need a lot of time to make a full recovery. And I will have to change my lifestyle radically to prevent something like this from happening again. This means that all my ongoing projects will be postponed or not prioritized for some time. Please respect this. Thank you!

Viktig oppdatering!


Lørdag 1. mars ble jeg innlagt på Lovisenberg sykehus i Oslo med en meget alvorlig infeksjon, sepsis, nesten førti i feber og veldig dårlig allmenntilstand. Heldigvis fikk jeg rask og god medisinsk hjelp og er på bedringens vei. Jeg ble utskrevet for et par dager siden, men går fortsatt på antibiotika og smertestillende samt andre medisiner. Jeg får også hjelp av hjemmesykepleien to ganger per dag for å skifte bandasjer.

Jeg vil trenge mye tid for å komme helt til hektene. Og jeg blir nødt til å endre livsstilen min radikalt for å forhindre at noe slikt skjer igjen. Derfor vil alle mine pågående prosjekter bli utsatt/nedprioritert til jeg er i bedre form. Jeg ber dere respektere dette. Takk!

2013 in review


Happy new year to all my friends!

I didn’t spend much time posting news on my website in 2013, so here’s a quick review of the year:

DEL and Kobi toured together, playing in Vemork, Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger, Porsgrunn, Trondheim and Oslo. We also released a split 10″ on Killer Records.

New projects Transparent Radiation (with Martin Furan) and Origami Elgsteika (with Tore Honoré Bøe) made their live debuts. So did the slightly older projects Taperne (with Kjetil Hanssen) and Origami Kaførrnokka (with Hanssen and Ronny Wærnes). Spleppes Splopp, my duo with André Borgen, played again. And after five years of silence, my solo project Love Hz was revived for a live performance.

Origami Allstars, this time featuring Tore Honoré Bøe, Bjørn Hatterud, Espen Ursin, André Borgen and me, recorded a split tape with Origami Magika which was released by Norweirdian Tapes.

2013 saw the two first releases on my new label Lydbilde, by Domestic Dwellings (Fredrik Ness Sevendal and yours truly) and Marit Morell, both issued as lathe cut 8″ singles. This resulted in a joint live performance at the release party.

In February I recorded two tracks at the Oslo Opera House (!) with Anla Courtis, Harald Fetveit and Kjetil Hanssen, planned for release on Lydbilde early in 2014.

I also booked some shows at Brugata, the office/rehearsal/studio space a share with some of my friends. Thanks to Oren Ambarchi & Lasse Marhaug, crys cole, Haust, Chui Wan, Ijin, Orphan Fairytale, Pink Twins, Horacio Pollard, Elektrodiesel, Mett, Njål Uhre Kiese & Håkon Aase, Agnes Hvizdalek, Guro Skumsnes Moe, Håvard Skaset, Jan-M. Iversen, Martin Powell, Star Turbine, Ronny Wærnes, Hellner/Ursin/Fetveit and everyone else who played.

I hope to release more records in 2014, and also play some concerts. I have some vague tour plans, so we’ll see… But I will mainly focus on my labels, including some very special projects that I have co-curated… So please stay tuned.

DEL / Kobi split ten inch vinyl out now


DEL / Kobi - Split 10" DEL and Kobi have a new split 10″ out on Killer Records, featuring a side-long psychedelic drone by each band, recorded live without overdubs in the studio at Brugata in Oslo back in 2009. Limited edition of 220 copies on black vinyl in screen printed sleeves.

The record will be for sale at the shows at RAKE in Trondheim on April 27 and Sound of Mu in Oslo on May 1, then in a record store near you!

DELKOBI live in Trondheim


KlubbKanin DEL‘s Per Gisle Galåen and Kobi regulars Kai Mikalsen, Mats Monstad and Petter Flaten Eilertsen will team up with special guest Kjetil Hanssen (Torstein Wjiik, Ambolthue Records, Tape Rape) for a exclusive performance as DELKOBI at RAKE arbeidsfellesskap in Trondheim on April 27. Heggen Pensjonat and Prins Preben will also play. Free entrance!

DEL & Kobi shows in Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger and Porsgrunn


Poster for DEL & Kobi at Utmark, Landmark, Bergen, 2013-04-04 Poster for Ny Musikk Stavanger's spring concert 2013

DEL & Kobi will be performing at Landmark in Bergen on April 4, as part of the Utmark concert series, and at HKV in Haugesund on April 5. We then continue to Stavanger, where our show on April 6 has been moved from Consul80 to Tou Scene, which means that DEL, Kobi and our friends Cloudbuilder will join Ny Musikk Stavanger’s spring concert. On our way back to Oslo on April 7 we will play at Sort og Blå Scene in Porsgrunn.

Poster for DEL & Kobi Tour April 2013 We’ve just received the test pressings for the limited edition split 10″ by DEL and Kobi, so we won’t have that ready in time for the tour, but it can be preordered at the shows. And we’ll bring lots of other releases for the merch table… Hope to see you at one of the shows!

DEL & Kobi live at Vemork hydroelectric plant


DEL & Kobi - Vemork poster DEL & Kobi will play a show in the turbine hall at Vemork hydroelectric plant on March 16 from 8 pm.

Vemork hydroelectric plant is located outside Rjukan in Tinn, Telemark, Norway. The plant was built by Norsk Hydro and opened in 1911, its main purpose being to fix nitrogen for the production of fertilizer. Vemork was later the site of the first plant in the world to mass-produce heavy water developing from the hydrogen production then used for the Haber process.

During World War II, Vemork was the target of Norwegian heavy water sabotage operations, depicted in the Norwegian film “Operation Swallow: The Battle for Heavy Water” (1948), starring several of the original saboteurs, and later (and less accurately) in the Hollywood production “The Heroes of Telemark” (1965), starring Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris.

The heavy water plant was closed in 1971, and in 1988 the power station became the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum.

This concert is organized by SMALT in cooperation with the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum and supported by the Arts Council Norway.

DEL: Kjell Runar “Killer” Jenssen, Lasse Marhaug, Per Gisle Galåen and Fredrik Ness Sevendal.

Kobi: Kai Mikalsen, Petter Flaten Eilertsen, Mats Monstad, Martin Powell and Fredrik Ness Sevendal.


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